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B2B Industrial Packaging Now Offers Bulk Ice Melt for Businesses.

Addison, IL, December 13, 2017 — B2B Industrial Packaging, one of the leading suppliers of ice melt for business, advises stocking up as early as possible for a number of reasons.

The company's President Bill Drake said, "Within the context of other business expenses, ice melt is a relatively low-cost product that forestalls major expenses. It also stores well from year-to-year. So it makes sense to always have plenty of reserves on hand."

B2B Industrial Packaging recommends applying ice melt before each snowfall. A proactive layer of salt will ensure that any snow and ice will be separated from the surface. And in order for ice melt to work, it has to make contact with the surface; if the snow is more than two inches deep, ice melt probably won't work. Getting ahead of a snowfall is especially smart when a weekend storm is expected and employees and customers will be there early Monday morning.

Ice melt is necessary almost every time it snows. Even if there doesn't appear to be ice underneath, it's there. In fact, the most dangerous ice is in the form of isolated patches that pedestrians aren't expecting. Another reason to stock up early is that during particularly harsh winters, most distributors run out and those that don't tend to dramatically raise their prices. Experts agree; the best time to buy ice melt is before the first accumulation of snow - or at any rate, as early as possible in the season.

In winters past, many businesses and municipalities have run out of salt, creating both logistical problems and legal liabilities. For those that were able to find salt toward the end of the season, the price was exorbitant. "In rough winters, we have had to work extremely hard to supply our clients with the salt they needed," Drake said. "There were times that we were right on the edge of having to say no. So this year we are telling our clients to plan ahead—buy more than they think they will need now—plan for a worst case scenario."

Ice melt manufacturers recommend applying ice melt with a handheld spreader for small areas such as porches and steps; a walk-behind spreader for larger areas such as front walkways; and a truck mount salt spreader for very larger areas such as parking lots.

They recommend against using scoops and shovels because they almost always cause overuse. Too much ice melt increases the likelihood that it will be tracked into the facility and (depending on the type of ice melt) could burn the vegetation around the concrete. To make the application amount obvious, colored ice melt is available.

Generally, the price of ice melt is determined by its performance. If a product is fast or if it works at lower temperatures, it will cost more. However, many times, a less expensive product is perfectly acceptable. That's why it is important to work with B2B Industrial Packaging's expert account reps to determine the most cost-effective product.

"Ice melt can prevent major problems," Drake added. "Contrary to popular belief, ice melt does not damage concrete, but ice can. It just makes sense to be prepared with a stockpile now while supplies are plentiful and prices are lower than they will be later in the season."

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Servicing more than 6,000 active clients, B2B Industrial Packaging sells a full range of packaging equipment and supplies including steel strapping, stretch film, and fasteners to clients throughout the U.S. and Mexico. B2B Industrial Packaging is unique in that it also operates three state-of-the-art strapping and fastener tool repair facilities that service the entire U.S. Headquarters are in Addison, Ill. with additional locations in Fort Worth, Texas; Houston; Salinas and Hayward, Calif.; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; Eugene, Ore.; Seattle and Kansas City, Kan; and Phoenix.

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