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B2B Industrial Packaging sells a full range of packaging equipment and supplies including steel strapping, stretch film, and fasteners to more than 17,000 active clients throughout the United States and Mexico. An experienced and highly trained B2B Packaging team also operates three state-of-the-art strapping and fastener tool repair facilities that service the entire U.S.

B2B Industrial Packaging's 6-Point Best Service, Best Solutions Pledge ensures that conveniently located sales representatives are an excellent resource for clients with packaging challenges and logistics needs, while also providing customized products and expert services at attractive prices.

The driving force behind B2B Industrial Packaging’s growth into one of the world’s largest packaging companies, is a commitment to being “Your National Neighbor”. This phrase signifies B2B Packaging’s pledge to preserve the local expertise and charm of every company it acquires.

Retaining staff with a localized attention to detail, and knowledge of inventory, and supporting them with formidable national buying power, continues to be a winning combination and the secret sauce of B2B Industrial Packaging’s rapid expansion and success.

Following are reasons that B2B Industrial Packaging is the most client-focused packaging company in the industry:

Your "On-Site" Account Manager – Each client has a specific "go-to" person handling their account. This person knows the client well, what their business is, and understands the individual needs. B2B Industrial Packaging sales representatives average 16 years of experience selling strapping and other packaging products and make it a point to visit clients regularly.
Your Inside Sales Contact – Each B2B Industrial Packaging sales representative has an inside customer service person dedicated specifically to that sales rep and his/her customers. In the event the salesperson cannot be reached, the client always has a second contact that is familiar with the account. This means clients always deal with people who know their business.
Timely Delivery – B2B Industrial Packaging proactively stocks clients' materials in their own warehouses. On average, they have 2,000,000 lbs. of steel strapping in stock. They ship same day and do not rely on the manufacturer or a wholesaler to process their orders. They can deliver strapping the same day or overnight for morning delivery.
100% Satisfaction – Clients must be completely satisfied with their order. B2B Industrial Packaging works hard to resolves all issues, but will accept returns on any material.

B2B Industrial Packaging also sells used tools. Unlike most other packaging providers, B2B Industrial Packaging services what they sell - operating a banding tool repair facility at their Addison, Illinois headquarters.

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