Signode Steel Seals

Signode Steel Seals

Choice of a specific seal is often most strongly influenced by the type of tool or machine selected to apply it.

Five standard seal types
Snap-on seals (General Use) - Placed over the overlapping strap ends either during or after tensioning the strapping. Eliminates pre-threading. Speeds the strapping operation.

Thread-on seals (General Use) - Must be threaded over the overlapping strap ends before the tensioning tool is applied. Generally used on bales, bundles, and the larger strap sizes.

Open-flange seals (General Use) - Heavy duty version of the snap-on. Requires no pre-threading

Push type seals (General Use) - Used where strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal. Overlapping flanges withstand the higher stress.

Nestack seals (General Use & Power Strap Machine PSM Use) - Held together by interlocking nibs. This Signode development permits loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feed combination tools and power strapping machines. USE NESTACK ONLY FOR POWER STRAPPING MACHINE SEALS APPLICATIONS

Joint strength comparison - Static (slow) pull vs. dynamic (impact) pull Signode laboratory tests indicate that single seal / double notch joints generally provide 70-80 percent static (slow) pull joint strength, while double-seal/four crimp joints generally produce better than 90 percent static (slow) pull joint strength.  In dynamic tests that simulate impact conditions, crimp-type joints can absorb 5-10 times as much energy as notch-type joints. If a load is subject to impact, the crimp joint system is recommended.

Pricing for all seals shown is for 1-3 cases purchased.  For purchase of 4 or more cases please call for special discounted pricing.

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