Plastic Strapping & Seals

Plastic Strapping & Seals

 Four types of strapping for a wide range of applications
Signode plastic strapping is manufactured for use with hand tools and high-production power strapping machines.  All types have controlled surfaceproperties that minimize tensioning effort, increase tension-transmission around corners and improve operating efficiency. All are split-resistant to increase reliability in tools and power equipment.

Specifications for all varieties of Signode plastic strapping along with general methods of application for each type are detailed in the following tables.

Contrax Polypropylene -light and medium-duty applications, like palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement.

Empax Polypropylene Waffled - waffled strapping is designed to perform in hot-knife sealing machines that require embossed strapping, light and medium-duty applications. Different coil sizes are available.

Tenax Strapping - Polyester - can be tensioned to a higher percentage of its break strength, retained tension under hot, humid conditions, greater load stability in for use in power strapping machines and hand tools.

Dymax Strapping - Nylon - six times stronger than ordinary nylon, cold room applications, such as food processing, better reinforcement over long storage periods, conforms to changes in load size and shape, reliable feeding through feedwheel-type strapping equipment.

Seals For Plastic Strapping
Plastic joint types - Normal packaging rates for any application influence both the choice of strap and its joining methods. For low-volume, low-tension strapping of lightweight packages or bundles, Signode Steelock™ or Dylock™ buckles are probably the most economical method of joining strap, since they require no special sealing tool.  Click on "Plastic Seals" below for more information.

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